"Chiquitanías" "Potosí" (Part 1) "Potosí" (Part 2)


Baroque Organ

Miner's Market

Cleaning Manuscripts


Urani Montiel:
"Working with primary documents gave me a new perspective on the value of academic research".

"The necessity of teamwork for the Project increased our awareness of the various dimensions of human relationships".

"The responsibility to preserve the memories of the culture made me conscious of the importance of our role in archive research".

San Xavier

Cleaning, not surgery

Miriam Peña Pimentel:
"The research travel to Bolivia gave me the opportunity to see and work in a completely different environment. That experience allowed me to focus the research in the changes on techniques according to the ecosystem in which the work had to be done".

"The management of the information from a very old manuscript to a data base implies a change of codes, the researcher has to understand both codes and made the "translation" from one to the other, to preserve as much information as its possible".


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