Michael Bauer
Middlesex College, Rm 355
The University of Western Ontario
1151 Richmond St. N.
London, Ontario
N5A 5B7

tel: 519-661-3562

fax: 519-661-3515

email: bauer@uwo.ca

Michael Bauer

The University of Western Ontario

Current Hispanic Baroque Research:

Michael Bauer's interest in this project stems from some previous work on web-based access to databases for the capture and use of historical data.

He is also interested in how computational techniques, applied to other disciplines, can be used to enhance the study of history.

His involvement in this project is in regards to the creation and use of a database to support new methods for the study of this Hispanic Baroque.

General Research Interests:

Distributed systems, including the management of distributed systems & applications; the use of web-based services.


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