Juan Luis Suárez
University College, Rm 257
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
N6A 3K7

tel: 519-661-2111 ext. 85858

fax: 519-661-4093

email: jsuarez@uwo.ca

Juan Luis Suárez

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Professor of Hispanic Studies,
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures,
The University of Western Ontario

Current Hispanic Baroque Research:

P.I. of the Hispanic Baroque Project. Also, coordination of the group working on complexity theory and the use of databases.

General Research Interests:

Baroque; Complexity; Development of tools for the research in the humanities; Information theory; Technologies of Humanism; New literatures

Recent Publications:

El humanismo español (Madrid: El Laberinto; in press).

Tecnologías del humanismo (Huelva: Universidad de Huelva; in preparation).

"The Transatlantic Baroque as a Cultural System: a Theory." South Atlantic Review (2006)


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