A broad program of dissemination of research of "The Hispanic Baroque" project has been developed that centers on three elements:

1) the immediate diffusion by way of the internet, through the creation of a website and the distribution of newsletters and press releases;

2) the diffusion of knowledge generated in the research of the academic environment (conferences, specialized journals and books);

3) the contact with the Canadian public by way of a series of activities that include concerts, theatre, exhibitions and documentaries about various aspects of the Hispanic Baroque.

For more information on any aspect of the project, please call the Hispanic Baroque Project at 519-661-2111, ex. 82822, email: hisbaroq@uwo.ca or write to:

The Hispanic Baroque Project
    The University of Western Ontario
    Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
    University College 115
    London, ON,
    N6A 3K7


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