Complexity & Databases

The objectives of this line are:

  • the development of a database that relates to Baroque objects, which allows statistical analysis, models of complex systems and evolutionary tendencies and to be created and the analysis of graphs
  • the advancement of the application and development of concepts of the theory of complexity and the research based on complex systems in the area of Humanities
  • the training of graduate students and researchers in quantitative methods and the use of research tools of complex systems



Winter 2008: Online graduate course on complex systems (University Seville and the University of Western Ontario)

May 2008: Open workshop on Complexity and Complex Systems Research

Research on the database

Fall 2007: Attributes and Relations
Winter 2008: Design
Winter 2008: Sources
Summer 2008: Data Entry

Team Members:

Mike Bauer,
David Bellhouse,
Fernando Sancho,
Juan Luis Suárez, and
Juan Carlos García


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